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Linen Shirts for Men

Linen Shirts for Men  - A Shoppers Guide 


We are here to provide you with buying tips and fashion ideas as you shop online for linen clothes, especially for mens linen shirts and pants.

Whether you are shopping for casual linen shirts, linen shirts for a wedding, linen drawstring pants for men or one of my favorites, Cubavera linen shirts, you will find not only a huge online selection of linen shirts and clothing for men but very competitive pricing as well.

Contents at a Glance 

Shopping for mens clothes online, whether you are shopping for linen shirts or pants or a nice silk shirt to go with a linen suit can at times seem to be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be if you invest a little time before you start shopping.

It doesn’t get much easier finding linen shirts for men than sitting in front of you computer at home and quickly comparing prices and selections from a number of different retailers and designers. One of the other advantages of shopping online is that you will have access to designers and retailers that you will never find at your local men’s store or department store. Retailers like Tommy Bahama, Banana Republic, and J Crew offer a great selection of line clothing online.   

Van Laack Linen ShirtVan Laack is a brand you may not have heard of. Based in Germany, this retailer is known for paying meticulous attention to detail and providing unique looking designs and styles. I love the colors in this colorful pattern, a combination of rose, green and blue that are perfect for a spring or summer day.

It is made from 100% linen, is incredibly soft, and features a spread collar with removable stays, a nice touch and two button cuffs that are cut on an angle. Just a few of more easily seen details that tell you this shirt is well made by a company with a great reputation.


 Nothing says classic sophisticated casual than a great looking shirt form Tommy Bahama. Linen shirts featuring washed bleached colors – make great casual shirts for relaxing in.

Tommy Bahama Linen Easy Short-Sleeve Shirt

Laid back, cook, traitional Tommy Bahama styling:

Tommy Bahama Easy Short Sleeve Shirt - Mens

Guayabera (Mexican Wedding Shirt) in the News

Linen shirts in the news - look for a resurgence of the classic guayabera. President Obama will be attending the Summit of the Americas in Cartenga in mid April this year. In preparation for that visit, renowned Colombian designer Edgar Gomez Estevez is in the process of creating 130 guayaberas for President Obama. Now don't ask me why 130, it's probably some Secret Service But nonetheless, President Obama is gloing to be sporting a classic guayabera during his visit.

In the classic Mexican Wedding shirt style, these shirts will feature two or four pockets, my own personal preference is four pockets, and we will see what President Obama prefers. But the feature that most of us recognize is the pleats that are created and run vertically down the shirt on the front and back panels. These pleats are actually called "alforzas" and in shirts like the ones being made for the big trip will be hand embroidered. Of course, I can afford a custom tailored guayabera, but if I could, that is how I would want it made.      

Linen Shirts for Men - Long Sleeve White 

Life is better in linen! You'll look great as you feel in this laidback but luxurious shirt, perfect for an island getaway or right in your own backyard. - Pointed collar Chest pocket Buttoned cuffs and sleeve plackets 1" longer sleeves 2" longer length


linen shirts for men 


We encourage you to take advantage of the great inventory and price comparison opportunities for linen shirts for men that is available to you shopping online no matter what type of mens linen clothes you are shopping for including one of my favorites linen guaybera shirts, or linen dress shirts for men, short sleeve and long sleeve linen shirts, and linen camp shirts. You will be able to find great deals online from our advertisers for mens linen shirts, linen pants, silk shirts, and a variety of accessories to help you create the particular style you are trying to create.  

Linen Shirts for Men - Hate Wrinkles? 

Everyone who likes to wear cotton knows the downside - it is a material that is prone to wrinkling easily, as well as the upside - incredibly cool and comfortable in the summer and always in style. The tendency for linen to wrinkle so easily is why I have slowly eliminated almost all of the linen clothes in my closet except for linen shirts. However, I recently learned a trick for caring for linen that really seems to work and dramatically reduces the "wrinkle problem" many people dislike. Personally, as long as it's my shirt, I don't mind a few wrinkles, but everyone doesn't have the same sense of style that I do.

So here is the secret: Start off by washing in cold water - no great secret there, on a gentle cycle - good advice for and of your better clothes that you wash if you don't do them by hand. When you dry the shirt, or shorts or linen pants, whatever it is, place the dryer on a medium heat - not hot. Still no great surprises. Here is where the trick comes in. If you are like me, and many other people I would guess, you always pull the piece of clothing out when it is still damp, that makes it easier to iron - right?

Yes, but not the right technique. Make sure you let the shirt, in my case, fully dry, just like you would a cotton t-shirt that you are planning on throwing wearing as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Now, spray both sides of the fabric with a spray starch and iron the linen clothing until the starch has dried completely. Ok, you are ready to go. I think you'll be surprised at how much better your linen shirt will look after wearing it for a couple of hours.

Looking for a linen shirt with a slightly more finished look? This imported exclusive finish from Joseph A Banks helps wrinkle-prone linen keep a smooth appearance. It’s machine washable , you don’t have to dry clean.


 linen shirts for men


Linen is a one of the most versatile fabrics around and contrary to what many people think can be worn not just in the summer, although it is ideal for summer wear. The advantage of linen is that it allows your body to breathe and helps to wick moisture away, keeping you cooler on those hot summer days.  

You will find that linen is a popular fabric and is used to manufacture linen shirts for men, pants and suits as well. It is also an excellent fabric when combined with other materials like silk, cotton, wool, and even synthetic fibers to combine the best attributes of each of these materials. Many designers today use a combination of fabrics with linen that allow you to have the best of both worlds.  Linen is also a great material to combine with other materials when you are creating an outfit- for example a combination of a silk shirt and a linen suit makes a great option for a "business casual" selection in your wardrobe. 

Linen Shirts for Men - Madras for summer cool!

Are you a Madras guy? This nice looking blue shirt features a rich madras plaid. It’s a light weight linen shirt from Orvis that has a relaxed fit and a casual design that is perfect for summer days.


linen shirts fro men


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a linen short-sleeve shirt, a long-sleeve Irish linen shirt, or beach wedding attire, you will always find a great selection with our advertisers. One thing to keep in mind is that linen shirts will fit a little looser than a similar cotton shirt so consider buying a slightly smaller size in linen. But don’t go too small, linen is not a fabric that is supposed to be form fitting, it is intended to be loose and casual.  

If you are shopping for a linen shirt that you intend to wear to a more formal function, like an office party for example, short sleeve linen shirts are generally designed primarily for casual wear and long sleeve shirts for more formal wear. But it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a long sleeve linen shirt on a hot summer day with the sleeves rolled up – gives you sophisticated look. 

Linen Shirts for Men - Guyabera 

One of my favorites, you can find Cuban guyabera shirts or Cubavera shirts as they are also know in colors other than white although I usually recommend staying with a soft pastel color. You can find these great shirts made from a variety of cottons including Egyptian cotton at the upper end of the market as well as linen.


linen shirts for men


No matter what type of linen shirts for men or mens linen clothing you are looking for, check out our advertisers for great deals and a super selection.  



A great place to find linen shirts , linen pants an all types of linen clothes:

You can also check out Island Importer, My Cuban Store and Tommy Bahama for a great selection of linen clothes.

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