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Cuban Dress Shirt  

Cuban Dress Shirt - Buying Guide


Cuba is a country that is known for its independence as well as its own unique culture and fashion many traditions like the popular Cuban dress shirt.  Many people say that this style shirt originated in Cuba but it is also quite popular today in other countries as well. Also called the Havana shirt or the guayabera shirt or even a Mexican Wedding shirt.

Lately linen shirts for men like the Cuban style shirt has gained popularity as a men beach wedding shirt because of its soft feel and breathability which makes it ideal for special events on those hot summer days. Linen helps to keep you calm and very comfortable which is definitely a plus when you are standing on the beach on a hot summer day

The classic style Cuban shirt features four pockets as well a square hem that is designed to be worn untucked or outside you trousers. Cuban shirts often have embroidery or pleats that run through the front and back that gives a very unique look. This unique dress shirt has undergone a lot of changes over time and today is widely available in many different styles and colors - a shirt for any occasion and for any style or taste.  


Classic Style Cuban Dress Shirt 

Cuban Dress Shirt

This Cuban shirt is one of the most classic designs with the traditional embroidery, four pockets, and a square hem - all the makings of a cool casual classic style

It features dark navy blue embroidery on a background that is white. It consists of four pockets, two on the hips and two on the chest in the classic guayabera style.

The intricate embroidery begins from the pockets runs the entire  length of the shirt. There are three pleats located at the back of the shirt that features a cotton/polyester blend.


Cuban Dress Shirt - Single Chest Pocket


Cuban Dress Shirt - BlueThis Cuban dress shirt is perfect to wear during summer or while you and your family are on the beach because of the floral prints that it has.

It features front chest embroidery and a single front check pocket along with a straight hems the short can be worn untucked. made from 100% cotton it's very durable and will keep you cool in the summer.

 It also has a vertical subtle embroidery that runs throughout the Cuban shirt. You will love this shirt because it will make you feel stylish and suave - a great choice for weddings. 



Cuban Dress Shirt - Yellow Guayabera

Cuban Dress Shirt - Yellow

This yellow Cuban shirt will surely be love by many. It features the traditional four pockets, two which located on the hips, while the other two are located on the chest.

Made from 100% Irish linen and featuring a straight-cut bottom designed to be worn untucked this top quality shirt will keep you cool and comfortable at any event and always in style.

It also has pleats that run through the shirt length. You will surely love this shirt because of the yellow color which makes it unique. A nice example of a Cuban dress shirt.