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Linen Shirts for Men -  Fashion Tips

One of the first questions that comes up when you begin to think about when and how you wear linen is whether or not linen clothing are strictly for summer months and warmer climates. Although many of the best properties of linen, such as its ability to help you stay cool and dry in really hot humid weather, indicate it is primarily a "summer" material it can also be worn other times throughout the year.

"It's kind of a myth that linen is a summer fabric," says Silberman, of the Fashion Institute of Technology. That's because linen, like cotton, is a cellulose fiber, and cellulose "is one of the best insulators," Silberman says. So just because it’s not 95 degrees outside doesn’t mean linen isn’t an option.

Are you worried about wearing linen to the office – afraid that you will end up looking all wrinkeled and frumpy by the end of the day? All you need to do is to pay a little more attention as you shop for linen shirts, and linen shirts, or linen suits.

Many designers today are working with linen materials that are blends of linen and silk, rayon, vicose, and other fibers that help to improve not only linens "look" but its performance as well. Manufacturers are also using coatings on linen materials that help to smooth the surface and so you end up with a softer type of linen and one that is less wrinkly.

There are a variety of looks that go well with line that allow you to retain its essential appeal. When wearing linen it is usually best to combine it with other natural fibers, such as silk, wool, or cotton.For example a nice pair of linen shirts and a long-sleeve silk shirt make a great combination.

If you are buying a mens linen suit you might consider colors in the khakis and beiges to avoid seeing through the fabric. The colors that you will most usually find in linen suits are earth and neutral tones of browns, grays, and whites since summer is the best time for linen clothing. There is a pretty simple rule of thumb when choosing colors for linen clothes - colored mens linen shirts go with white, gray or beige linen shirts; white linen shirts go with colored, gray or beige linen shirts.

Try matching a cotton shirt with a complementary color, something like a light blue, beige, or ivory to go with either mens linen shirts or a linen suit. Short-sleeve linen shirts go well with loose-fitting chinos, jeans or linen shirts. You can also wear a dressy linen long-sleeve shirts with wool shirts or standard cut jeans. A rougher linen shirt in a beige or stone color can also work with jeans or flat-front shirts. Mens linen shirts go well with cotton shirts, polos or light sweaters in bright, complementary colors.

Linen shirts for men , linen shirts and linen suits all help you to make a cool sophisticated fashion statement.