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Linen Shirts for Men - Irish Linen

Linen Shirts for Men - Irish Linen 

If you are shopping for linen clothes, whether it’s for mens linen shirts, or shirts, or even a fine linen mens suit you should consider looking for Irish linen. Irish linen has a number or properties that help to make it a superior choice as a fabric for mens linen clothing. You will end up with linen clothes that are softer, finer, wrinkle less easily and will wear better over the long term.

What makes Irish linen fabric so special?

Pure linen is manufactured in many countries throughout the world but Irish linen fabric is generally considered to be far superior for a couple of reasons. First is the fineness of the yarns and woven cloth that is still achievable by Irish spinners and weavers. Many people attribute this to the skills of the craftsmen who create this finely woven and intricately designed cloth. Many of these crafts people come from families who have a long tradition of working in the Irish linen trade and pass down skills and techniques from generation to generation. Other people also say it’s the result of the soft water in Irish streams, which is harnessed for bleaching, dyeing and finishing.

Another of the advantages of linen in general is that it is hygroscopic – which simple means that it is sensitive to moisture. Because linen is frequently warn in warmer climates this is an important feature because this means that linen can absorb moisture without being wet on the surface. So if you’re wearing a linen shirt or pair of linen shirts next to your skin your clothing can actually help to absorb moisture.

You probably won’t be running around in the jungle in your new Irish linen suit but just in case you happen to catch your linen shirt or shirts on an object that might cause a tear as you’re rushing around the office Irish linen will resist tearing. Linen fabrics have a very strong resistance to tearing because they are made from flax, one of the strongest natural fibers.

Linen shirts for men, linen shirt, or suits, you can't go wrong with Irish linen.