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Mens Guayabera Shirts

Mens guayabera shirts

Looking hip and cool for summer is easy. On this hot season, you will need something to wear that is comfortable and yet still look fashionable. If you want the classic and elegant style, then try wearing guayabera shirts if you still haven’t.

Mens guayabera shirts can be worn just about anywhere. There’s no problem if you wear guayabera shirts to the malls or hanging out with friends at your favorite cafe corner. Even at nighttime, you can go dancing and clubbing the night away in a guayabera shirt. Eitherway, it will surely be comfortable to wear and be in style at the same time.

Linen shirts for men like the Guayabera is considered a classic but it’s gaining popularity today not only for men but with women as well who wants to make a fashion statement. The origins of guayabera shirts is not exactly determined, since there are conflicting stories where it was originally made. Many thought that this shirt was created in Cuba 200 years ago. While others say in Mexico or even the Philippines.

Probably the most popular tale is that of a Spanish seamstress who custom made the shirt for a rich rancher who lived in the island of Cuba. The rancher lived close to Yayabero River where guava fruits has grown. It was styled with four pockets, two at the breast and two at the front hem so he can easily carry his pens, cigars, and even guava fruit for his snack anywhere he goes. Hence the name guayabera. Characterized by its detailed amount of embroidered panels, the farmers in the nearby area copied the stylish shirt and then the rest as they say is history.

In recent times, this fashionable wardrobe has grown popular than never before. Various fashion designers have modified the shirt to give it a more modern look than can be worn by anyone at any occasion.

Before, it was originally made with long sleeves and pleated fronts. The guayaberas of today has been created in many different colors, fabrics and style. Now they come in long sleeves and short sleeves as well. And good news for women who are fashion forward. They can now wear guayabera dresses with their own distinct style.

Talking about comfort and style, surely guayabera shirts can give you that. Called by the name of “Mexican wedding shirts” by the North American culture it is great to wear as summer clothes. If you are familiar with the fabric linen, mostly guayabera shirts are made out of this material. Mainly because it is a lightweight fabric and allows your skin to breathe easily and dries up moisture fast. This is one reason why linen clothes has been a favorite for summer wear by men and women alike. But there is certainly one downside to it.

For mens guayabera shirts made out of linen, this type of fabric wrinkles and creases easily. So if you are not comfortable with the crumpled look, then this is not for you. Look for 100% linen so you keep your cool as you go about your daily routine during the hot days. If you are going to a beach wedding, surely your guayabera shirt will give you a classic and casual sophisticated look.