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Mens Linen Shirts 

Mens Linen Shirts: The Way to Be Cool and Beat the Heat


Mens linen shirt

Men comparatively perspire more than women yet it appears that when it comes to appropriate fashion wears, majority of advertisements are targeting women. Now the trend is geared towards the reverse.

Almost all types of cosmetics, accessories, gadgets, and especially fashion wears for women are paired by manufacturers to include men. Especially in clothing that calls for style and comfort during the hot seasons. Retailers and manufacturers like Macy's, Tommy Bahama, Banana Republic, an Eddie Bauer are great sources for linen clothes for men as well as accessories.

While women enjoy the cool experience of white and colored linens to beat the heat, men need not deprive themselves of going out and enjoy. The flax fabric of linen shirts is designed by nature to absorbed sweat as linens have the highest liquid absorption capacity that any other cloths. This is especially true with a mens linen shirt.

Mens Linen Shirts - Comfort and Style

Except for their standard uniform and formal official functions, men prefer to wear attires characterized in the order of comfort as top priority. They do not leave style and elegance behind but when their comfort is imperiled, the catchword is “not to dress up at all”. Linen shirts for men best respond to the comfort guys are looking for, their movements and lifestyle is doubly active than women thus sweating more physiologically.

Men on the go do not have much time washing, going to the nearest dry cleaning shop or careful in handling shirts. Mens linen shirt is best suited for them because its fabrics can withstand wears and tears yet it maintains its sheen and glow. Men's linen shirts are far different than silk, satin or even cotton. Textures like these are less absorbent causing sweat discomforts and skin irritations unlike linens that enable the body to maintain that certain “dry freshness”.

Men's Linen Shirts - Choose Your Color Carefully 

Fewer men love to wear shirts designed in exciting “technicolor” combination of flowers and cartoon characters. To feel comfortable in their fashionable wears, they prefer the monotone shaded colors usually of blue as this is believed to be the “masculine color”, then shades of ivory, ecru, tan, light pink and most of all, the millennium old immaculate white colored linen which is classic for most men’s linen shirts.

There are those who say that mono toned color linen shirts are “dull” but when worn either in long or short sleeves, the elegance inherent in linen fabrics begin to show up. Elegance in men’s apparel is not judged by glitters but by being fashionably classic in all seasons. Men’s linen shirt is not characterized by the sophistication of colors and design but by the comforts it brings to the sweaty wearer.

Staying Cool with Mens Linen Shirts and Pants 

Whether you are looking for a mens white linen shirt, mens linen dress shirt, mens blue linen shirt or mens linen pants you can stay cool and comfortable. On a hot day, it's cool and comfortable wearing a plain white linen shirt walking along the street and the white linen shirt is sewed slightly loose so it drapes down his shoulder line.

Then the white linen shirt is paired with khaki colored pants, wear sandals and sunglasses, too – isn’t it cool! The effect, on the other hand, is “comfortably” cool to the male wearer and cool to the onlooker. This is exactly the effect of linen, plain and natural flax fabric, quite flattering to men when worn as a shirt. Something which men desire of what his shirt would look and feel – cool!