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Mexican Wedding Shirt

Mexican Wedding Shirt - Buying Guide


With more and more weddings taking place on the beach or in  more casual locations like pool side it's no wonder the Mexican wedding shirt is becoming more popular today. Mexican t shirts or Guayabera are usually Mexican shirts for men that are very popular for wedding ceremonies.

Depending on the weather and the grooms personal preferences a Mexican wedding shirt with long sleeves can provide a more formal look and may be paired with Mexican wedding shirt accessories for added style. These classic shirts not only provide a great look that is always in style but also provide comfort, freshness and of course the elegance that you need for a wedding ceremony.

You will totally feel the ambiance because Mexican wedding shirts or Cuban shirts as they are also called are classy and light where you can wear along with linen pants you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can always choose from the many different colors that are available, but the most common are the classic white, yellow, green and also floral prints. Linen shirts for men in the classic Mexican Wedding Shirt style are a traditional favorite.

Mexican Wedding Shirt - Light Green 

Mexican Wedding Shirt - Light GreenIf you are shopping for a Mexican wedding shirt this classic light green guayabera linen blend will definitely fit the bill - perfect  for a beach wedding with a cool and comfortable style. 

It features a dark green embroidery in the classic tradition that will highlight your Mexican wedding shirt. It also  has in the classic tradition four pockets, two of which are located on the hips and the other two on the chest. Finally there are three pleats that run through the length of the shirt with a squared off bottom that is perfect for wearing outside your trousers (untucked) for a great casual look. 




Mexican Wedding Shirt  - White


Mexican Wedding Shirt - WhiteThis alluring guayabera shirt will surely be loved by many as it features pleated details and flap pockets in the classic guyabera tradition. By wearing this shirt, you will make a nice statement that says you are cool and stylish to everyone who attends the wedding. 

It has a casual yet stylish look that you will surely love with the cuffed hem and four pocket traditional style. Available in a variety of different colors such as, ivory, white, and blue and black. You will always feel comfortable in this relaxed fit classic that is perfect for summertime wear.



Mexican Wedding Shirt - Black with White Embroidery

Mexican Wedding Shirt - Black

This authentic style guayabera black linen shirt will definitely give you a classic but elegant look featuring white embroidery that is located at the front of the black guayabera in a classic traditional style

It also has the standard four pockets with two of them are located on the hips, while the other two are on the chest. The embroidery runs through the length of the shirt with a straight-cut bottom for wearing untucked for a more casual look. This wrinkle free shirt features a linen blend that will keep you cool and comfortable in the summer.